Scripture tells us we are made in God’s image. And throughout the course of history, we can also see that He always has a goal in mind when He creates. Therefore, God writes into our “code” the urges and drives needed to propel us into a particular direction.

All reflections of God’s image must be respected and understood. Further, it is essential to understand how your own parenting, marriage, and personal development are influenced by the health of your self-image and your own inner drives.

We cannot ignore what God has written into each of our inner designs. This design determines how we view the world and every relationship we form. It is also the reason we think, feel and act the way we do.

“Focus on your strengths to eliminate your weaknesses!” is the consistent advice of Ray and his team of Associates trained to mentor you in discovering and understanding your unique InnerKinetics.

As A Spouse

There are, no doubt, characteristics in your spouse which attracted you to him or her initially.  If you have continued to have a good relationship you are among the few.  Why not make it even better?  Your consultant can help you to rediscover those features in your spouse and can help you understand why you were attracted to them in the beginning. He/She will help you to further develop the strengths of your relationship and discover new heights of joy in each other.  Making a good marriage better is all about fully understanding each other and your individual design. Learn more

As A Parent

We’ve all wished for a guidebook that would address the issues we face as parents.  There are many books, but sometimes we need a personal guide - one with understanding and skills who is willing to share with us and mentor us as we develop the skills we need.  Your guide will help you develop confidence in your skills as a parent.  There is more to parenting than conception and giving birth.  Your consultant is available to help you develop as a parent so that your children will bond with you and seek your wisdom rather than that of their peers.  You will learn how to help your children develop to be the best they can be as you also become the best parent you can be. Your home will be the peaceful, loving, happy place that all people long for and need. Grow together!  Learn more

As A Leader

Develop the skills you need to be able to guide your team to productive development and success for your company, organization, or church. Those skills begin with a clear understanding of who is on your board, in your audience, on your committees, or on your staff.  How do they think, make their decisions, live their lives?  And what are their values?  The answers to these questions and more lie in an understanding of temperament - yours and theirs.  Your consultant will guide you to the understanding you need and mentor you in application of the skills necessary to deal with each temperament you encounter by helping you to understand the strengths of all. Learn more

Let Ray and his team of InnerKinetics associates help you discover your personal powerhouse of strengths and how they propel you to your purpose and true fulfillment.

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