Hi. I'm Ray Lincoln and we are alike in many ways, you and I. Perhaps we are of the same temperament (InnerKinetics® strengths). However, like me, you probably want to live a happy, fulfilled life. You'd like to relate well to those who mean the most to you and you'd also like to have good relationships with those you interact with through work and other daily activities. (Life is a lot better when all of this happens.)

Like me, you may be married (or in a romantic relationship) and you want to have that wonderful relationship you dreamed of together. Perhaps like me, you also have children and, maybe, grandchildren. You want your children to bond with you when they are young and you want to have a great relationship with them (and their children) when they become adults. And like me, you probably have dreams of yourself as successful and happy. Those dreams may or may not include a goal of a particular financial figure, but rather an image of feeling good about what you would do and how you would do it. Perhaps you too have experienced a time in your life when some or all the above seemed unreachable. If you find any of this describes you and you want to achieve the relationships and accomplish the dreams of fulfillment, then stay with me for a minute and consider how possible that really is. Let me share my story with you.

My Story

Why did I feel empty? Why was I so discouraged by how I acted at times and how I failed to make the changes I thought I must make? I listened with mounting hope to my college principal as he outlined how humans were designed on the inside — 'temperament,' he called it. He was describing me! Squirming in my seat but hanging on every word, I thought relief from my self-doubt and disappointment with myself was at hand. But that professor did not tell me how I could take this knowledge and have it change my life. Years passed. I loved and hated my sensitivity and emotions. As I progressed in the world of academia, I was longing for a sense of release from my introspections and self-doubt. Others seemed to live above these concerns.


In 1978, I read a book that was all the rage, Please Understand Me by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. That’s what I want: I want to be understood,” I cried. But again, it fell just short of the mark of changing my life. I needed to understand — not just how humans functioned and how they were designed on the inside (since it was a matter of clear observation that we are not all the same) but how understanding could be turned into a truly happy and fulfilled life for which I sensed I was born.

While helping others, I began finding my own way! I started showing couples who they were at the core of their being by the use of what I knew of temperament and where their lives would mesh and where they would not. Then, I would show them what they needed to do to mesh beautifully and  finally, I gave them a glimpse of their future and they were excited. They came back with glowing gratitude for their relational success. I was on the way to translating temperament into a tool that could be readily applied.

There was one piece still missing. How can we exit our weaknesses and live in our strengths? How is a person motivated when they feel empty and defeated? How can we actually be all that we can be? I had to know. In the answers, the InnerKinetics® Solution  was born. How we are designed, together with how we function, holds the secrets to how we can be the best we can be.


The rest of the story excites me, too. People keep telling me they feel released when they understand themselves. Instead of self-denunciation, the dam breaks, releasing their inbuilt powers. Relationships blossom, parents understand their children and the children begin to feel their parents understand them. InnerKinetics® has become the story of transformed lives. My story is now an ongoing testimony of transformed lives and homes while I continue to experience transformation myself. I would love my story of understanding, release and fulfillment to be yours, too.

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