The Temperament Key – Instructions

The InnerKinetics ® Adult Temperament Key and InnerKinetics ® Child Temperament Key have been developed using the principles of research into temperament that Myers-Briggs, Keirsey and Harkey/Jourgensen have used for the development of their assessments. These principles, when used in assessments, have proved very reliable and can be depended upon. Any of the above named assessments of temperament are excellent guides to the discovery of how you are made on the inside.

As long as you carefully follow the instructions for each of the Temperament Keys, you should get excellent results.

This is a very positive assessment. We are looking for your strengths, not your weaknesses. There are no wrong answers since it is a self-evaluation. However, be as accurate as possible. Read these instructions carefully since a knowledgeable guide is not looking over your shoulder and you can’t ask for help. It is imperative that you answer according to these instructions.

  • Answer these questions according to your preferences (what you prefer), not according to what you think others would have you become.
  • Answer each question individually. Don’t try to be consistent.
  • Aim to get through the key in about 15 minutes or less.
  • Think carefully about each answer, but avoid over-thinking, which can lead to confusion. If you are overthinking, ask yourself: “What am I the most or what would I most often prefer?”
  • Again, let me put it this way: You will see yourself as both (a) and (b) in some of the questions. Your answer should be what you see yourself to be most of the time, or what you prefer the most.
  • Your preferences are often different at home than at work. This can be due to the fact that at work, certain things are required of you and, therefore, they have become your work preferences. You prefer to do it that way at work, since that’s what is good for you. If your work preferences differ from your home preferences, answer according to your home preferences.
  • We want to know what really beats in your breast, what really satisfies, fulfills, or pleases you the most.
  • The results should be accurate, but if you attend one of my seminars or visit one of our licensed consultants, ask to be checked again. It’s a service we provide. When you read the descriptions of the temperaments in chapters 8, 10 and 13 of I’m a Keeper or chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10 of INNERKINETICS, you will determine whether they match your results in the temperament key. If they do not match the descriptions, then you answered with something else in mind, and you will need to switch to the temperament most like you.

This check on your answers is very helpful. The ones who are most likely to be confused about themselves are the NFs. They are the complicated temperament and have the greatest difficulties in understanding themselves for that understandable reason. Now, proceed with careful thought.

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