Is the Human Heart Evidence of Intelligent Design?

Intelligent, Purposeful Design of the Human Heart

Today, we will begin an exercise in straight thinking.  These basic questions will make an interesting discussion with your teenager.  This article will ask whether we can come to the conclusion that the human heart shows evidence of intelligent, purposeful design.   For our example, we will use the heart and its purpose (from the brief discussion in the previous article), but we could choose any organ.  

Are there indications that the human heart shows evidence of intelligent, purposeful design?

Note: The question here seeks only one thing: evidence of purposeful, intelligent design — not evidence of a designer.  To encumber the question with more than one issue will only multiply the trails the discussion can or must take and will lead to endless and fractured discussion.  We must take only one trail at a time.  Other questions are for other discussions. 

Our procedure:   

Prepare our minds

To begin with, we must approach the issue with an open mind (as always) and this is not easy to do.  All of us, to some extent, have formed beliefs and tend to defend those beliefs because we are invested in their formation.  They are our beliefs.  

  • First, bring to the subject a mind that can stand outside of itself and observe without feelings clouding the issue.  
  • Additionally, reject a mind that seeks to find evidence to support a conviction it already holds (evidence to support an ideology or belief that it feels is essential to our convictions).  Truth needs no defense. Rather, it is to be found and followed.  
  • Also, let’s be aware that most of our beliefs are based on both reasons and emotions.   Therefore, let’s make an effort to divorce our minds, for the purposes of this exercise, from any emotional needs we have and focus on reason alone, to begin with. 
  • It is not that we believe reason alone or even the scientific method can lead us to all truth.  It can’t.  Discuss why?  

Determine the requirements for our goal:

Next, we must now ask what we would need in order to provide proof that the design of the human heart shows evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt” that it is thoughtfully planned for a purpose?  Note again:  we are limiting our discussion to the subject of design.  

Consider the elements required in a purposeful design

Finally, to show proof of design, we must consider the elements we can reasonably expect to find in the making of a purposeful design.

In our next article, we will begin to flag some essentials for our consideration.


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