I MAY FRUSTRATE YOU, BUT I’M A KEEPER! (Parenting the Temperaments with Love and Confidence)


  • Find the answer to the puzzling question: “Why does my child act (or fail to act) as I expect?”
  • Obtain the key to understanding your child that will provide you with the skill to motivate, encourage, change undesirable behavior and create a strong bond between you and your child.
  • Equip yourself to select the appropriate communication and teaching techniques for each individual child and to confidently enter discussions with their teachers to maximize their educational setting.

Every parent should own a copy.  It will be referred to time and time again.  Check out the FAST TRACK for immediate results!

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Released in 2009, this book quickly became an Amazon bestseller.

The parenting manual you have been waiting for! Why can’t they be like me?” asks the puzzled parent; the child thinks, “Why can’t my parents understand me?” Love that is aided by understanding will transform your parenting and dramatically increase its joy. Understanding is underrated! Parenting is the most complex task we humans engage in.


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