Using Our Rational Brain to Get a Grip on Ourselves

Rational Brain

Using words we all can readily understand, the emotional brain needs to be calmed down at times, especially when we are in the grip of an emotional outburst.  So far, I think we all agree.  But how is that accomplished?  There are several ways, but here is the method of which we are all in sole control.  Let’s call it the straight thinking of our rational brain.  Follow me as I explain.

Our Rational Brain Versus Our Emotional Brain

We have a rational brain as well as an emotional brain — at least we are all aware of these mental opposites.  Our thinking brain is where we can calmly go over our feelings and examine them, straighten them out, and if need be, even change them.  It is also where we can think straight or crooked.  It’s not easy, but it is the path to successfully controlling our runaway emotions.  Here are the key things to drill into our mental behavior (yes, we behave in our minds as well as in the world outside of ourselves).

Retreat to Straight Thinking

Always retreat to straight thinking that is devoid of all the dead-end paths of crooked thinking.  Let’s review some of what we have learned in these blogs.  Straight thinking is thinking honestly, factually, without exaggeration and misrepresentation of the facts.  We must learn to pull away from the heated feeling of the moment and retreat to the quieter place where straight thinking can actually take place.  This pulling away from our hot feelings is essentially a matter of persistent practice for us all.  We need it to become a habit.  Stop yourself, pause, and create the habit.

Truthful Thinking

Straight thinking is thinking truthfully.  We can easily lose our relationship with “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” before we know it.  Emotions are warm creatures that can become dangerously hot with (it appears) the speed of light.  Despite the speed of emotions, truth has to be found.  It doesn’t advertise itself and splash itself with vivid drama all over our mental TV screen.  So, create the habit of a pause, a thoughtful retreat, and a love of quiet thinking before anything else happens in your mental world if you want to gain control of your emotions.  Truth will reward you!

Think with Pleasure

Believe it or not, straight thinking can become a pleasure.  Its use can feel like you are the intellectual giant we all can be, if and when we use it.  It places the upper hand of wisdom within our reach.  Unseen, it lifts our self-image to more confident thoughts.  Make this your mental practice for this week.  Work at it!

Next: We will examine how to make this habit even more successful.

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