Sounds Great, But What Is Truth?

What is truth?

Freedom from being judged is the in-vogue belief these days.  Children, adults, and I have even heard professors say things that amount to a foolish revelation: “Don’t judge me” or  “You can’t tell me what is right and wrong.”  It’s just what the doctor ordered for the “liberated, unrestricted” mind!  And it sounds great when we think we are impregnable.  It is the ultimate release from responsible, honest, straight thinking, and of course, truthful actions.  Unfortunately, it is usually accompanied by little or no effort to discipline our minds and engage in some straight and honest thinking.  Teens need information so that they can make intelligent decisions — not decisions biased by culture or anything else.  We need to base our choices and actions on truth.  So, what is the truth?

Adopted Ideas Become Beliefs

If this idea of truth (that we cannot be judged) is fed to our minds, we will soon kill the careful functioning of our mental cells that are calling us to responsibility and reason — at least to a great extent.  A wrong idea, if adopted, becomes our belief.  And then it’s the framework for the way make our choices.

I remember my dad taking me out into nature often and pointing out to me the wisdom and folly of its creatures.  The streams on our ranch were home to lots of crayfish with their threatening claws.  They would scamper backward with impressive speed whenever a disturbance in their surroundings was noticed.  Armed with scary weapons, they failed to consider their advantage and sped backward in fear.  Their belief showed in their actions, of course.  They could have made me feel very uncomfortable — especially if they attacked my bare feet.

All Are Dependent Upon the Truth

Think retreat and fear and you will become the perfect example of your belief.  Think you should not be judged and held to standards of right and wrong and you will live blindly oblivious of your foolish thoughts.  All of us are dependent upon the truth.

I am glad my parents held me to standards of honest behavior — no lies or we would quickly learn it was far better to tell the truth.  Who do I think I am when I defend myself with demands of not being declared wrong?  Am I beyond all correction?  Am I perfect?  If I think this way, the truth is I am a fool, building the framework for a life of folly.

To Deny Truth Produces Fools

A fool is one who has not yet come to terms with the truth.  Perhaps we have all told a lie.  But to fashion our lives on such falsehoods is to fall short of all we could become.  Does your child need to be shown, taught, and modeled a life of objective and self-imposed honesty?  All children do.  And all of us adults need the same.  In the interests of saving our youth from such foolish demands, we should never model for them our use of such self-degrading thoughts and actions.  Truth lifts us to higher levels, while the deception that we cannot be held accountable with the truth degrades us to that of fools.


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Weekly Help for Your Mind/Brain

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Why We Need to Exercise Our Bodies to Develop and Feed Our Brains

(Don’t skip these five reasons!)   

Reason two:  Stimulation is another way of looking at the need for the exercise of the body and mind/brain.  Stimulation provides refreshment for the cells that make up the blood vessels as the blood carries its nutritional load to all terminals.  Also, stimulation refreshes all cells throughout our entire physical communication channels.   Of course, this means it goes beyond that to provide refreshment to all the delivery terminals in our amazing physical system.  Nurses will get the patient up and active as soon as possible after surgery.  So I am simply trying to supply us with a mental picture of the importance of stimulation to our entire physical human systems.

In a way yet unknown, it also refreshes the vital activities of our minds where thoughts, plans, and dreams begin and form.  A person who thinks little and whose mind is not challenged dies slowly.   This can be observed in sedentary individuals whose minds often begin to show sluggishness and confusion.   It is experienced in all of us when the desire to do nothing becomes an obsessive urge.  Too much sleep is an enemy of health and vitality.  Retirement can also be deadly if it is devoid of action and purpose that continually awaken and stimulate our powers.   Stimulation even further develops our mental potential the older we get —  that is, if we use our mind and bodies as life and health demand.  So move to reach your potential.  Continue the stimulation of your human system for ultimate health.


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