Retreat From All Discussion and Plead Ignorance

Common Sense

Giving up may be the most used path to finding truth.  The use of this crowded avenue can be due to the prevalence of misinformation: so many voices, so many fake attempts to persuade us.   Some simply don’t have the time or the desire to read, think, and evaluate all the arguments.  So they retreat and plead ignorance, which is a failure to use even common sense.  

Common Sense Is Where to Find Truth Amidst the Noise

We can find truth (we all know we can) when it has graduated with the degree known as “Common Sense.”

We underrate common sense when it comes to finding truth.  

Common snes is the skill or ability to choose between alternatives with intelligence and sound judgment.  

Common Sense

So, sound judgment is not to be avoided in the search for truth.  We must remember, it’s not the only path to be considered.  Evidence should always be evaluated.  But until that can be adequately done, sound judgment (common sense) is a great place to start.  It settles on what makes obvious sense or good sense.  It is the ordinary, good judgment people often use without learning, education, or special knowledge.  Don’t give up.  Start down the road of common sense and take a side trail only when the evidence and the facts are compelling.  This path gives us no excuse for the failure to think, ponder, and make the best decision we can with the knowledge we have — the light we have received.  

Horse Sense

Ever heard of horse sense?  It certainly highlights the fact that a horse can make right choices contrary to its rider at times.  A horses’ choice, in retrospect, can be seen to be based on its experience and a better sense of the conditions it faces — better than (we are embarrassed to admit) the pig-headedness we humans are at times known for! 

Some ideas make no sense.  So prevalent is this kind of judgment that language found the need to form the word “nonsense.”  We could do better than to believe nonsense.  

To Make No Decision Is to Make One

What can we say?  Retreating and pleading ignorance is no mark of wisdom.  When we make no decision, we have made one.  That fact is overlooked too often.  So let’s reject the trail that gives up the quest for what is right and true.  And let’s, at the least, follow common sense and sound judgment.  

Better still, let’s learn the impact giving up has on our lives.  “Never quit,” cried Winston Churchill.  It is sound judgment for creatures who display immense ability if only they persist.  

Knowledge is the path to power, understanding, and wisdom.  The wise take no exits.  

Today’s Thought:

Develop a practical sense that lives happily with intuitive genius.  


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