Is Reason the Path to Truth? 

Path to Truth

We previously discussed that some “establish” truth by whatever they individually think is truth.  (And we’re seeing in today’s culture where that method leads us).  Let’s observe a second way people find guidance in their life: they rely upon their powers of reason.  Reason is worshipped as the way to find the truth about almost anything.  Plato reviled Pythagoras for not making reason his ultimate means to find the right way to live and think.  The idea that “Man is the measure of all things,” for Plato, evaded the real source of guidance.  Indeed, reason is given by the gods, Plato thought, to enhance our choices, develop our intelligence, and lead us on the path to truth.  

Reason, recently demoted as unimportant

Likewise, reason as a path to truth has appealed to many, even to this day.  It has become the first and the only “go-to” for solving the mysteries of life and of the world.  Only recently in the ideological culture of our day has reason been demoted to be of little importance.  

Power of Reason as a path to truth and morality

Society often appeals repeatedly to reason as the source for determining right and wrong, becoming the path to the creation of societal morals.  Let’s think about what this enthronement of reason really means.   

Granted, human reason has achieved great things in scientific and technical endeavors and we can see it as an excellent tool to discover some truths about ourselves and our universe.  A tool, but not the only tool.  Not even the best tool at times.  Why?  Because, like humans, reason is not infallible and can be misleading if it is not taking all the facts into account or does not know all the facts involved.  Alexander Pope, a famous poet, coined the phrase, “To err is human; to forgive is divine.”  All humans err.  However, not all humans forgive.  

We can’t expect the reason of an imperfect creature to be perfect guidance in life, can we?  In fact, simple common sense negates that possibility.  Furthermore, reason is not reliable because it can also be arbitrarily biased and distorted.  When reason rejects an obvious explanation of facts because of some closely held ideological beliefs, it commits the error of inexcusable bias.    

Therefore, reason itself would conclude that reason is a helpful, but less than a complete, method of arriving at the full truth. 

The Path to Truth lies beyond the power of reason

Beyond logic and reason, there are facts that can lead us to very different conclusions.  For example, beliefs and faith can often lead us beyond reason to explain the mysteries of life and even of our universe, to the surprise of many who follow Plato’s path to truth.  

We must combine reason with belief because the right belief is the precondition that directs reason to the truth.  All religions, philosophical systems, and ways to live and govern actually begin with unproven and unprovable beliefs.  The wrong belief leads to failure; the right one leads to truth.  We must ask, is there a more trustworthy path to the discovery of truth?  

Today’s parenting thought:

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