Is There No Objective Reality in this World?

Right or Wrong

Maybe some people are not aware of what is driving the behavior of our culture and our youth.  But for those of us who are aware, perhaps you are wondering where the growing resistance is coming from to being treated as though anyone has the right to tell anyone else what is right or wrong.

A Revolution in Thinking Is Rampant

It is coming from the education our youth receive and especially from the revolution in thinking that is rampant in most colleges and universities.  Furthermore, it is seeping down to first grade in many schools (even in preschool, in some cases) and we see it in the disrespectful behavior with which teachers are at times struggling.  In fact, educational materials are being rewritten to reflect the changing ideas, beliefs, and values.  And of course, that means morals, too.  Moreover, the roots of these changes are not just the results of a more scientifically and technologically conscious world.  They are beliefs that reflect the drive to change the culture — and that means the minds of those who oppose ideas even when they are quite deluded and estranged from reality.

Anger at Attempts to Teach Right or Wrong

The thinking behind your child’s anger at your attempts to teach right and wrong behavior is not just their desire to get their own way.  That is an element that will exist as long as humans are on the face of this earth.  However, something is driving the feeling that there is no real truth and that we are free to believe anything — even a lie if we wish.  People have always done this but not with the freedom to be beyond criticism and judgment.   Positions that are factually wrong are no longer to be resisted.  The guiding lights (blind guides, at best) behind this way of thinking teach things like that it is not possible to have any objective knowledge of what is right or wrong.  Such is the “new way” to think and believe.

An Absence of Right or Wrong Is Absurd

Here’s the initial response to such absurdity.  If there is no truth anywhere, no objective knowledge, no reality that is factually or evidentially true, then what about these beliefs?

  1. The sun will rise tomorrow. True or false?
  2. Gravity is real.  Don’t jump off a high building. Real or unreal?
  3. Are personal, subjective perceptions of truth enough?  Or are there objective standards? Think that one through carefully.   
  4. Love is better than hate.  A world of hate is a world aimed at destruction.   
  5. We are going to reap what we sow.  Is it better to teach this or the opposite?
  6. If we don’t respect others, we should not be surprised when our action does not gain respect in return.  We are responsible for our own actions, not the actions of others.
  7. Do to others as you would have them do to you.  It’s not called the “golden rule” for nothing.
  8. Love and tolerance must go both ways.  Those who call for tolerance of their actions must show tolerance for the actions of others or they make their claim meaningless.
  9. Love and truth go together.  No one wants to be lied to when they are told they are loved.

We can’t do without truth and live happily together.

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Weekly Help for Your Mind/Brain

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Why We Need to Exercise Our Bodies to Develop and Feed Our Brains

(Don’t skip these five reasons.)   

Reason three:  Exercising mind and body requires a commitment of time and effort.  That can quickly raise negative feelings but beware of those feelings.  If these negative emotions are allowed their way in us, we can quickly become demotivated, which is the end result of those negative emotions’ destructive ways.  Negative thoughts always lead to some form of self defeatism.

Replacing such mental rot with positive and healthy thoughts is a form of mental exercise (determination) needed until our dying day.  The very struggle we must put up develops the tough mental muscle of perseverance.  Reason three is the argument for not circumventing perseverance and determination.

We refuse our better urges all too often because we do not have a clear belief in their lasting value.  If the ancient Stoics who glorified pain have something to teach us it is this: No pain, no gain (sometimes, only in the form of the mental pain having to override our lethargy) is an old and well-proven dictum for athletes.  As we run the race of life, we are in competition with ourselves.  Never give up on a call to build inner strength by whatever means.

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