Emotions From Your Lifestyle Preferences

Emotions from Your Lifestyle Preferences

The final two choices that influence our emotions are lifestyle preferences (J or P). The choice of words is again unfortunate since the J stands for judging while the P stands for perceiving. In reality, the J does as much perceiving as the P and the P does as much judging as the J, making the distinction meaningless. I know that the words have a technical meaning, but because the words are so obviously misleading to all except those with privileged knowledge (and even then their applicability is somewhat questionable), we will simply call them J and P and fill the letters with the definitions of the two lifestyles.

Lifestyle Preferences Explained

As energy centers, these two preferences are first about coming to closure (J) or keeping options open (P). The result of these two choices is for the Js a more hurried and deliberate lifestyle that likes order and process.  For the P’s, however, life is more laid back, impulsive, and less orderly. One will organize life more and the other lean toward going with the whim of the moment. There appears to be more need for energy in the lifestyle of the J and they are often cited for the early heart attack.

Emotions Flare When Lifestyles Clash

Emotions drive each preference, J and P, and they also flare quite volcanically when the lifestyles clash. Control of emotions rather than development of their strengths is most appropriate here. In relationships, the Js must move toward greater acceptance and appreciation of the P, and vice versa.

Next, let’s take a look at the two lifestyle preferences individually.



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