Crooked Thinking – Part Two: Curing a Distorted Worldview

Crooked Thinking - Distorted Worldview

As we continue our search to cure a distorted worldview, let’s address what is happening with our language in today’s culture. Changes in our speech are symptoms of the fabrications of crooked thinking.  What we think and how we think soon become our language.  Furthermore, our language changes with our thinking.  We are even being told today what is politically correct speech — and what is not. That’s a red flag that warns us of the loss of mental freedom.  Conversation has also degraded these days in its deceptiveness to a low level not taught and modeled so convincingly since the early days of the Greeks.  Sophist teachers, politicians, ideologists, and philosophers lead us on this slippery slope of crooked thinking.  

Fraudulent Thinking Has Never Elevated a Culture  

The shameless selling to the unwary public (particularly our youth) of counterfeit arguments is commonplace in education today.  It is an intellectual sleight of hand.  And it is perpetuated in our institutions of higher learning as well.  Our children do not possess the knowledge and experience to detect this dishonest trickery.  Because of a lack of candor, even adults, at times, do not know what is dishonest as opposed to what is sound logic and trustworthy thinking.  In fact, the abundant use in our culture of counterfeit arguments is a deceitful attempt to influence an unwary public.

What Can We Do to Prevent These Half-Truths and “Embellishments” of the Truth from Causing Crooked Thining?

Parents need support and help to guide and train their children’s minds as they continue to watchfully guide and care for their children’s physical health and mental development.  Unfortunately, little correction of the crooked thinking is found in most educational systems.  Furthermore, seldom is honest thinking even taught.  

Our Mission: To Become a Guide to Personal Honesty and Freedom of the Mind

Are you tired of being lied to?  Tired of getting angry with your children’s devious arguments?  Tired of all the questionable “help” your child is getting from others?  One might say, becoming the guide to the personal honesty and freedom of your child’s mind (and your own) can become your mission — your much-needed legacy to come.  

The Road Ahead

Without attempting a philosophical treatise in this series, we will point to the cause of spurious thinking, which has been born in biased minds and has invented our culture.  The layperson will grasp and will be able to use this knowledge to change their own thinking if needed.  And having the knowledge can help us in correcting the thinking of others.  

We begin our journey with a reminder that reason, as well as emotion — the use of head and heart — forms the foundation of a solid faith or belief.  But if reason is to be a part of faith’s solid and logical foundation, we need to understand how to think clearly and accurately.  

Think Effectively

Even though we think all day long, most of us never know how to think in an effective manner (as opposed to an ineffective manner).  Therefore, we should develop a passion to learn more about how to think straight and how to be able to spot false and deceptive arguments (crooked thinking) that convince many of us — especially our youth.  To give our children the skill of straight thinking and to teach them to spot crooked thinking and false narratives are priceless pieces of training parents can offer.  This is the direction we propose in this series.

Finally, remember that we are what we think.  And this hint to an effective methodology is the way crooked thinkers are changing the culture of our day.  The methodology is not wrong.  But, at times, it is used in a blatantly deceptive manner.  It easily convinces our youth of ideas that are false to the core.  Our use of the same method, however,  empowers parents as prime influencers for our children’s full and effective use of their mental faculties.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep the family unit strong and influential!


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