Are “Feelings” the Same as Emotions?

Are Feelings the Same as Emotions?

Perhaps we can best answer that for our purposes by saying that feelings are our conscious experience of emotions. We feel our emotions and that’s the way we recognize them most of the time. When teaching ourselves or others intelligent emotions, first we must feel and recognize the emotion. We can easily achieve this by asking, “What are you feeling?” “Describe your feelings to me, please.”

Feelings Bring Self-Awareness

Of course, this is a practical answer more than a theoretical one. There is little agreement about the difference between emotion and feelings in the various schools of thought. Feelings bring a degree of self-awareness with them, but sometimes feelings require the effort of a trained awareness to register their presence.

“Identifying” the Feeling Is the Key

When asked “how do you feel?“ many people answer, “I don’t know.” Confusion over naming or identifying the feeling is the issue rather than an absence of knowing that a feeling is present. Therefore, identification, not just acknowledging that a feeling is present, becomes the major issue.

Emotions Always Produce “Feelings”

We can be thankful that we have the conscious experience of our emotions even if their appearance frustrates us at times. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have emotions and not have feelings, somewhat like driving down the road without a sense of movement.


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