Podcast Episode #2: “I’m a Keeper – Living by Design”

Episode 5: I'm a Keeper - Living by Design Podcast - learn how to parent

What is your child’s temperament?

Remember!  Understanding is the key to parenting!  And understanding has been very much under-rated!  So is there a temperament “key”?

The Temperament Key is YOUR Key!

If you have not completed the InnerKinetics Child Temperament Key, please be sure to click on the link to download a PDF.  You can reproduce it as needed and complete one for each child to determine the temperament of your children.  Understanding who your child really is will give you the information necessary to help your child develop their strengths and achieve a life of happiness and fulfillment.  It will also be the key to reducing tensions and strife in the home — probably the most requested plea of parents.

By completing the InnerKinetics Adult Temperament Key as well, you will learn how you and your child differ.  That information providing the first steps to added insight into why many of the clashes occur between you.

In this episode, Dr. Lincoln:

  • Describes for you many of the typical characteristics of each of the four temperaments, giving you some immediate insight into what temperament your child may be.
  • Provides some clues to where parents should focus when relating to their child based the child’s temperament.

Grab your copy of I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper! to continue your journey into understanding your child.  (Psst! Subscribers to our weekly updates receive a 15% discount and free shipping when the  book is purchased from that link!)

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