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How to Set Boundaries

Your child may manage strong opposition to your boundaries.  “This is a free country!” your teenager may exclaim as he endeavors to prove it to you.  And you are exasperated!  But you know there must be boundaries and you are the one who must establish them.

Today we’ll take a look at how to set boundaries:

  1. What does it look like to set boundaries?
  2. Are the boundaries different for each temperament?
  3. What does “setting boundaries according to individual temperament” mean?

After we have a clear understanding of these points, we’ll begin to take a look at boundaries as they apply to each temperament.

If you think some of the temperaments do not apply to you (because you do not have a child with a particular temperament), consider this: your child plays with or associates with cousins and other children who may have that temperament.  You must be able to manage the effects those interactions have on the boundaries you set for your child.  And trust me, the interactions WILL have an effect.

We’ll begin today with the SP.

Ready?  Let’s tackle “boundaries.”


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