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Episode 5: I'm a Keeper - Living by Design Podcast - learn how to parent

We previously discussed the need for discipline and the very effective “Grace Method” we can (and should) employ to teach our children self-discipline.  Discipline, however, requires an understanding of boundaries.

As I have often said, with each child, parents become parents for the first time!  That’s one reason (a very good one) why you’ll probably never hear anyone say, “Parenting is a ‘piece of cake.'”  We’ll examine some of the factors that make all of this true.  Truly, thinking we know it all is an empty-headed mistake and is the kind of pride that preceeds a fall.

Let’s learn what to do about our parenting mistakes.  And let’s take a look at one of the parental goals today:  establishment and enforcement of boundaries.  We’ll discuss:

  • Why do we have a need for boundaries?
  • What if we disagree with the boundaries?
  • Who wins when there are boundaries?
  • What about our right to freedom?
  • What about our personal rights?

We’ll also discuss consequences and I’ll give you a “Mandate for Success” and a “Mandate for Failure.”  Are you ready?  Let’s proceed.


You can make parenting of each child much more effective and less exasperating for both of you through understanding.  Understanding is extremely underrated, so I wrote I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper! (which became an Amazon Bestseller!) to help parents better understand their children.  When you realize that attitudes and actions are influenced more by temperament than environment and not at all by heredity, you’ll really appreciate the acquisition of real understanding.

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