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Episode 5: I'm a Keeper - Living by Design Podcast - learn how to parent

In our last episode, we discussed WHY the Grace Method is so successful.  Today let’s delve a little deeper into this topic to learn the following about this “best method for training to successful adulthood.” We’ll do this by both explanation and demonstration.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • BENEFITS to both parent and child (Would you like for your child to take responsibility for their own choices, whether they are good or bad choices?  And how about eliminating the child’s ability to blame the parent as “mean” for imposing painful consequences?  That takes a real load off the parent!)


  • Why “grace”?
  1. The real meaning of grace.
  2. Why grace is a better teacher


  • What children need to know and why
  1. Grace does NOT dispense with the rules
  2. The benefits to having rules
  3. Rules are enforced everywhere


Ready? Let’s begin!

Grab your copy of I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper! to continue your journey into understanding your child.  (Psst! Subscribers to our weekly updates receive a 15% discount and free shipping when the  book is purchased from that link!)

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