What’s Your Brand? Is It the “Real You”?

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Ever thought about “re-branding” yourself? Or what the term brand even means?! We’ve all experienced the impact of branding. It motivates you to buy one cereal versus another, choose one car over another. And even invest in one relationship over another.

In the world we live in, a brand represents the sum total of a person’s experiences with a company, a product, a service, or even an individual.


So what are people’s experiences of you? Do they experience the Real You?

. . . the You that feels appreciated and confident?

. . . the You that pursues excellence and enjoys success at meeting your goals?

Or, do they experience the “Off Brand” – the version of you that feels misunderstood, underappreciated and constantly frustrated by missed opportunities to shine? A mix of both (the Real You and the Off Brand) is the most likely answer. Most of us represent to the world a mixed bag:  a version of ourselves that can look amazing at the best of times and very unattractive at our worst.

If you are ready to experience a “Re-Branding” – an upgraded experience for yourself and those around you — then I invite you to join me as we prepare to take the InnerStrength Challenge. [Watch for more on this.  It will begin officially on April 1, 2017].

Using your InnerKinetics®, we’ll seek to understand how the Real You is discovered, developed and motivated to show up – every time. You’ll learn how powerful your freedom to choose truly is as you discover the Real You.  The Real You is a series of choices you make repeatedly that drive you consistently down a path you can feel comfortable and confident walking.

The InnerStrength Challenge will be an on-going feature of this InnerKinetics® series and will provide you with the opportunity to put your unique inner strengths into motion. We’ll uncover the very forces inside you that propel you toward your purpose and sense of well-being. We’ll also learn how to eliminate weaknesses that only serve to distort the Real You. This weekly challenge will stretch you, teach you and encourage you. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover real fulfillment in all areas of your life as you become more and more of the Real You.


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