Plant Now with a New Kind of Harvest in Mind – Your Inner Strengths

Inner Strengths will sprout like these seeds when well nourished

By Janet Kellogg

Spring is the perfect time to bring your inner strengths to life. To begin with, nature is waking up after a long spell of sleep-inducing temperatures. Fertile ground is coursing with the elements needed to support renewal. Even our minds are compelled to transform into an atmosphere of hope for better things. Could now be the right time to begin a stunning transformation into the Real You?

Recall some important goals the “Real You” is determined to accomplish.

. . . The Real You is:

  • Eliminating damaging weaknesses by pursuing expert-level use of your inner strengths.
  • Creating a new habit of rooting out negative, damaging thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.
  • Constantly transforming into a more confident person with a strong sense of purpose.

So, doesn’t spring sound like the right the time for action? (Please select your answer below).

[1] Yes!

[2] Maybe, I’m not sure.

If you answered, “Yes! I’m ready to start something new”, [FIST BUMP!], now back it up with a decision to act.

Discover Your Inner Strengths

Step 1: Complete the InnerKinetics® Adult Temperament Key to determine your unique inner design.

Step 2: Understand your inner design and learn how to follow it like a blueprint. Get Ray Lincoln’s book INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness (and here’s a coupon code for a 15% discount to help you on your way: IKKey).

Step 3: Join the InnerStrength Challenge and develop the strengths that empower and propel you into a fulfilling life.

On the other hand, if you answered, “Maybe” . . . [I respect your doubts!]. After all, transforming into the “Real You” takes a commitment you may feel you just aren’t ready to make right now. But consider this: You may never feel ready. “Ready” is a state of mind that involves emotions ranging from hopeful to excited to anxious to fearful. And much like the weather in the spring, these emotions can turn on a dime. Despite the emotions you are currently experiencing, “Ready” can still be your choice that leads to action.

However, the good news is… this transformation comes through a process that can feel very natural to you. It requires you to use motivations that are already shaping your decisions, tools you already know how to use, and strengths that you already possess.

The Real You is ready to reap a new kind of harvest.

  • If you are driven to be excellent in all you do…
  • Or if you suspect there’s more freedom and joy to be found…
  • And if you know there’s more meaning and significance to uncover in your life experiences…
  • Especially if you’re curious to discover new facets to your creativity and effectiveness…

It’s time to sow seeds of positive change and enjoy the harvest that is soon to come!


Don’t wait for “Ready.”

Join the INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE beginning in April.

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