Choosing Good versus GREAT

Inner Strengths Directions - To Good or Great

By Janet Kellogg

Last week, I talked about traveling a better road that leads to your GREATness. If you plan to choose this road, one that is definitely less travelled, you’ll need a reliable road map – a very specific plan that involves inner strengths choices. The INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE can get The Real You there in style.

Questions you may be asking about inner strengths choices:

  • How do I translate my specific inner strengths into real success? Is there really a road that will take me there? Definitely!
  • How complicated is this journey and what traps lie in its path? It takes diligence, but no traps.
  • Wouldn’t it be better for me to follow a few principles, like hard work; be honest; don’t give up, and have faith, while I hope for the best? Hope is important, but shouldn’t be a reason to take your hands off the wheel!
  • Life is unfair anyway, so why not just settle for whatever comes? The Real You never settles!

Follow the principles of hard work, honesty, perseverance, and faith and you will still not be guaranteed a successful, rewarding life. There is much more to your success, in whatever form it takes, than general concepts.

Your Greatest Potential Lies Ahead

The road from Good to GREAT should be enjoyable and simple because using and developing our natural inner strengths pays off! Fulfillment is only one of the rewards. But for many of us, fulfillment would be success in itself.

Your Custom Road Map to Success

If you’ve already joined The INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE , you’ll soon be receiving your custom road map for traveling away from plain old good. If you have not joined us, allow me to give you a general preview of what your road to success will look like. Although the following steps won’t be based on your specific inner strengths, it does point you in the direction challenge takers will go:

  1. You are born with specific strengths that enable you to fulfill the purpose for which we were designed. Discover Your InnerKinetics® and its innate strengths now.
  2. Follow the preferences that your inner strengths produce and take the actions these preferences produce. They will lead to your success because they are the actions you were designed to execute superbly.
  1. Develop the relevant strengths of your InnerKinetics for the accomplishment of your goals. The INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE will focus you on specific strength-building goals and provide a customized plan for your successful journey.
  1. Don’t exit the Success Road until you arrive at your GREATness!


Challenge #1: Good or GREAT?


Far better than receiving general advice on habits that are good for anyone to form, the team at InnerKinetics will provide you an action plan, specific to your inner design, that develops each of the inner strengths you’ll need to achieve your maximum potential.

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