Will the Real You Choose Good or GREATNESS?

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Develop Your Inner Greatness Strengths

By Janet Kellogg

If “Good Enough” is not your preferred destination, develop your inner strengths and travel a better road that leads to your GREATness!

You’ve heard me mention the Real You many times, referring to this version of You as someone that you may know very well or not near well enough. I wonder . . . would the Real You agree that “good” is enough? I mean . . . Good is fine, but it’s not as good as GREAT,. . . is it?

You can have many solid relationships and still lack the sense that you are truly understood and appreciated. Furthermore, you can make healthy strides in your career or your personal goals and still experience a consistent longing to reach your greatest potential. You can and definitely should take a high-altitude look at your life and feel good about what you’ve overcome and where you currently find yourself. Do you have a sense of real fulfillment? I sure hope so! But regardless of your answer, the Real You knows you can never stop driving forward into GREATNESS if you are to reach your full potential.

There’s One Road that Leads to Your “Greatness” Potential

Each of us needs a blueprint to be able to build our lives successfully. However you may define success, this blueprint can be a dependable road map to all of your achievements. You can find this road map in your inner design or “InnerKinetics®.” Your InnerKinetics® is a brilliant blueprint from a masterful designer and it’s the package of strengths (or positive inner drives) that reveal how you’ve been hard-wired since birth. It’s important to distinguish the term, “InnerKinetics®” from the traditional understanding of temperament. InnerKinetics® describes your strengths, NOT your self-made weaknesses. Weaknesses are negative reflections of your strengths and are created when you either don’t use, overuse, or misuse your strengths.

Great news: you can eliminate weaknesses!

Weaknesses are distortions of the Real You and are not part of your inner design. Let’s all be thankful that the shaping of our lives is, at any age or under any set of circumstances, still a matter of choice.

I can hear you asking, “But what about circumstances that are out of my control? Circumstances in which I was given no choice? Life happens, you know!”

It may be an inconvenient truth at times, but even though we are often not in control of life’s events, we are 100% responsible for how we respond to them. Our response is our choice and our privilege. We can choose to develop and release our strengths. Or, we can misuse our strengths and create weaknesses that stand in our way of experiencing GREATNESS.

Challenge your own status quo!

It’s time for a quick status report:

[ ] Are you optimistic that more is always possible . . . that there is something truly great, beyond what you are experiencing in this moment? Act now on a brilliant solution.

[ ] Are you driven to be thoughtful and prepared in all you do?

  1. Make a solid plan
  2. Expect success in exchanging good for great
  3. Take the next step.

[ ] Are you doing everything you can do to achieve your most important goals as soon as possible? If not, you’re good, but not great…yet. Create your strategy

[ ] Are you tired of feeling the relentless ache for more, without the confidence or understanding to achieve it? You are not alone! Get to know the Really Great You, starting now.

Don’t wait to feel “ready” before leaning hard into positive change. Waiting can produce an endless loop with an unseen exit ramp. If you answered “HECK YES!” to any of the questions in our status report,

. . . You are ready for GREAT!

. . . Your unique InnerKinetics® points the way to success, and

. . . The INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE is the right place to start.


Challenge #1: Good or GREAT?

Have you completed the assessment that reveals your inner design? If yes, you are ready to go.

Join the INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE today and receive a custom roadmap for speeding away from plain old “Good.”

Far better than receiving general advice on habits that are good for anyone to form, the team at InnerKinetics® will provide you an action plan — specific to your inner design — that develops each of the inner strengths you’ll need to achieve your maximum potential.


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    I would like to join the inner strength challenge.
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