4 Travel Essentials on Your Road to GREATness

IK Challenge-4 travel essentials along the Road to Greatness

By Janet Kellogg

Many of you have accepted the INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE #1 – transforming your experiences of life from good to great – and I am excited for you! As you learn to develop and release specific inner strengths into your circumstances, you and others will witness POSITIVE CHANGE that has both force and momentum. I’ve described this challenge as a road less travelled — a path that’s harder to choose — but we are seeing more and more travelers along the way. You are not alone! Keep your eye on the destination. Here are 4 Travel Essentials to help you stay on course and avoid potholes and unplanned stops along your road to GREATness.

Good to Great Travel Essential #1: Stay Focused on Your Destination

Once you’ve made a choice to create change in your life (big or small), what you’ve already done (Steps 1 & 2) is just as important as what you need to do next (Step 3).

  1. STEP 1: Believe that the Real You has inner strengths that are so important, they must be developed and released. CHECK!
    No strength in our temperament can be exercised without some kind of belief in it, and the first secret to maximizing the strengths of our InnerKinetics is to strengthen our beliefs about the value and importance of the strengths we’ve chosen to develop.
  2. STEP 2: Make a Decision (and create direction) . . . DONE!
    Decisions end the constant deliberations of depressed, negative mindsets. When you focus your mind’s attention away from negative behaviors and toward positive ones, it is a shift in direction – a mental step necessary to rewire your brain for positive thinking. The mental force of a decision can change an obsessive behavior or direction on which the mind is fixed to a healthier one.
  3. STEP 3: Keep Intense Focus . . .
    This next step will plant you firmly on the right path, or end your journey before it really begins. The more focused you are on a goal (aka your GREATness), the greater the energy generated around that goal. It creates an attention center in the brain that magnifies what it’s asked to concentrate on. It grabs and holds our attention on one thing as other interests and distractions disappear.

More resources on Travel Essential #1 are available by joining the INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE today.

Good to Great Travel Essential #2: Remain Teachable

The Real You is in pursuit of a healthier, more open exchange of information along this road to your GREATness. A teachable mindset is key. Consult regularly with a trusted source for information when embarking on a major trip. A spouse, a mentor or a close friend who is committed to helping you become MORE of the Real You, not less, can provide you with valuable feedback and remind you of what’s most important: your goals, your values, and the gifts that only you can offer the world.

No one gets it right all the time. Remain teachable so that every lesson available to you is actually learned. Never leave that money on the table!

If you decide you need expert-level help on Travel Essential #2, check out opportunities for that with the team at InnerKinetics.

Good to Great Travel Essential #3: Become Unoffendable

Did you know that taking offense is a choice? Think on that one for a moment . . . When someone says or does something that you find offensive, you still have to choose whether you will become “offended.”

You might be asking . . . “What’s wrong with taking offense? If someone is hurting me, don’t I want to send them a clear message that I’m not okay with this?

Answer: Yes, you should communicate honestly. But communicate without paying the expensive price of taking offense. The negative emotions of hurt, anger and bitterness will create a dangerous distraction. You can lose sight of the road to your GREATness and make a very costly wrong turn. Or worse, you could get taken out of the driver’s seat entirely.

“Just don’t choose to take offense!” That’s easy for me to say . . . and hard for every one of us to do, UNLESS you rip this trick of becoming unoffendable straight off the pages of “The Seasoned Traveler’s Guide Along the Road to GREATness” (I just thought of this title . . . definitely thinking about writing that book some day).

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Travel Essential #3 is not for the uncommitted, fair weather traveler! But The Real You can accomplish this essential skill of becoming unoffendable with the intelligent use of emotions. Join the INNERSTRENGTH CHALLENGE today and we’ll send you more on the art of becoming unoffendable.

Good to Great Travel Essential #4: Accept 100% Responsibility

Even when you get tired, you must stay in the driver’s seat along this road from Good to GREAT. No one else can assume responsibility for the choices you alone must learn to make. The good news is: You do have choices! Choose the upgrade whenever it’s available.

Here are just a few of the important choices you can make to ensure your success:

  1. The Health of Your Self-Image (make sure it’s good, because you cannot outperform it!)
  2. The Center of Your Focus (make it the development of your inner strengths, and here’s a free quick reference guide to each temperament’s strengths to help you)
  3. The People Who Support You (make them trusted fans of The Real You)
  4. Your Motivations for Change (make them positive beliefs in what The Real You can offer others)

Everyone needs Roadside Assistance from time to time and you may find you need more help at first than you’d like to admit. But help is available! Use these “Travel Essentials” to keep The Real You on the road to GREAT.



Challenge #1: Good or GREAT?


Far better than receiving general advice on habits that are good for anyone to form, the team at InnerKinetics will provide you an action plan, specific to your inner design, that develops each of the inner strengths you’ll need to achieve your maximum potential.


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