The Benefits of Intelligent Emotions

Benefits of Intelligent Emotions

The Stoics thought that apatheia (apathy or the absence of feeling to the Stoics) was the aim of all goodness. Therefore, they believed we must constantly struggle to rid ourselves of all feeling and emotion. Consequently, for them, emotion was the cause of all sin and failure. Without emotion we are true and better creatures — or so they thought. Incidentally, some parents of emotionally sensitive children might agree passionately. And some readers may harbor that belief even today. However, the Stoics failed to understand that an emotional void is an unbearable hole in the heart.  They failed to understand the benefits of intelligent emotions.

Consider this List of Benefits of Intelligent Emotions

Emotional intelligence will not make me into a non-feeler.  But it will make me into a more sensitive, responsive person. It will offer me:

  • Control of my emotions
  • Enjoyment of my emotions
  • The freedom to use emotional power wisely
  • Better relationships
  • Insightful, sensitive, and purpose-driven leadership
  • The advantage of emotionally sensitive decision-making
  • A meaningful view of my world
  • A better understanding of others
  • Maximization of my temperament’s drives
  • An inner comfort and heightened confidence
  • And more, much more

There Are Benefits to Emotional Intelligence in My Child, Too

It’s a parent’s prayer. “Tell me how to teach my child emotional intelligence,” a wise parent asks. So, what will the understanding of emotions teach a parent to enable them to better train their child?

There Must Be Intelligent Emotions in the Parent Before They Can Benefit the Child

First, Awareness

We must learn to recognize and become aware of our emotions and the impact they are having on his world. Therefore, understanding of ourselves is the first step to managing ourselves.

Second, Patience

We must understand that emotional intelligence is a long process, never complete. There are no shortcuts. Emotional intelligence will be the hardest lesson in life for any of us to learn. However, we will learn the ways we can manage and develop our emotions and we’ll be able to note the improvement.

Third, Similarities

Know that teaching emotional intelligence to a child is the same as for an adult, except for dealing with a brain that is in the process of development.  This flags us to the need for more incremental learning and patient teaching.

Fourth, Aids to Success

Understanding our own and the child’s temperament and teaching emotional control with an understanding of temperament’s drives is the road to faster learning. We will have a hard or impossible task if we neglect understanding temperament.  The task will be a very frustrating one, too.

Fifth, Areas of Focus

Focusing on developing the strengths of temperament and teaching our children to do the same will rob the unintelligent behaviors of their energy. And it will also give the parent the most effective path to teaching emotional intelligence.

Sixth, A Parent’s Key role

And this is very important: modeling the learning of emotional intelligence for them and showing them what to do when we fail or when we are mentally under the influence of damaging emotions cannot be overemphasized. In other words, children want models.

Now, let’s move from my emotions and me to a more technical question that will hold some important answers: What is Emotion?


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