Weaknesses – Here Is a Welcome Fact

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We’ve been talking a lot about our strengths.  It’s time to look at those pesky weaknesses that we are so conscious of and which others use to keep us humble.  We all have weaknesses, so where do they come from?

Previous understandings about weaknesses

For ages it was simply assumed that since our core strengths are given and stay with us for life that our weaknesses must also be a part of that core temperament that shapes us.  Galen (c130-201 AD) included both core strengths and weaknesses in his description of the four temperaments and it has remained unquestioned to this day — at least until recently.  The truth is an anomaly.  People think that if their weaknesses won’t go away, they are there to stay.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

The fact about weaknesses that you will welcome

Fortunately, our weaknesses are self-made.  That means we can get rid of them.  If we make them, we can also reverse the process and get rid of them.  I’m glad my weaknesses are not a part of my temperament.  That is good news!

Learning more you will notice, if you have both time and desire to watch people long enough, that their weaknesses are the negative or reverse of their core strengths.  The core strengths that make up our temperament are positive, not negative forces.  When we create our weaknesses, we are not functioning as we are designed to function.  We are malfunctioning.

Here’s a little secret that I have written about previously.  If we want to get rid of a weakness immediately, we can switch our focus to using our core strengths.  The change of focus robs the weakness of its mental energy and centers the energy on our change of focus.  Focus is were our brain centers its attention and its energy.  What’s the secret?  Change what you are paying attention to immediately and the weakness has no power over you.  Starve it of its life blood (your attention) and you will have effectively dealt with it.  Give it a try!

Start by discovering your temperament.  You can do that by completing the free InnerKinetics® Adult Temperament Key, which  you can access at the bottom of this page.  Once you know your temperament, read about the strengths of your temperament in INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint for Excellence and Happiness.  When you have discovered those strengths, then focus on the strengths that is the “opposite” of the weakness you are concerned about.  You’ll find that when you focus on using that strength properly, the weakness will disappear.  Remember, weaknesses are malfunctions of temperament, created by non-use of a strength, over-use of a strength or  by misuse of a strength (using the strength in a way that will harm others or yourself).

Share you experience with us.  We’d like to hear from you.


  1. Michelle Delargy says

    Hello Ray, I really enjoyed this article. I’ve been struggling with some of my own weaknesses lately. And as you said, that has become my focus. I am going to retake the temperament test and begin trying to focus on my strengths. Again, I find myself thanking you for your wonderful insight and help. I hope you and Mary Jo are doing well. We are all good.


    • admin says

      Thanks, Michelle. We are well. And you are welcome. Glad to be of help. All the best.

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