Straight Thinking About Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design

This should be making headlines!  Charles Darwin supposedly slammed shut the door long ago for us to believe our universe clearly shows evidence of purposeful design.  But that door is opening wide again!  And it’s opening wider than ever before!  To begin with, it has become crystal clear to unbiased observers that every scientist working in a biochemistry lab depends on the purposeful design of living matter.  Likewise, we all do — every moment of every day, without thinking about it, unfortunately.  In fact, without the purposeful design by which our bodies operate continuously, we would soon die.  And so would all of nature.  

Purposeful Design in Our Universe

Now, leading atheists are even conceding that the evidence of design in our universe is apparent — from the minute nano-structures and purposeful detailed operations of all our bodies’ cells to the vast functional happenings of a cosmic universe.  Nevertheless, to rescue their ideological belief that there is no intelligence behind it all, they admit the “observation” of design is true.  However, they insist it is not really intelligent design, only “apparent” design.   Accordingly, apparent has become the atheists’ latest escape word to avoid the conclusion that we are actually observing real intelligent design in all of nature.

Darwin’s Theory Is Dying Embers

Although Darwin’s ideas went far beyond what he could reasonably know and prove, and although the scientific world very enthusiastically received them (and they have ruled in science and intelligentsia ever since), the current scientific world has begun to dispute Darwin’s ideas.  A belief that the universe can be explained solely by the materialistic functions (which science has painstakingly revealed to us) has added apparent fuel to Darwin’s theoretical fire.  But wait!  That fire is turning out to be more smoke than fire.  And to many, his theory is nothing but dying embers.  The intelligent design of all nature has long been obvious to us all.  It is very hard to believe that our bodies, for example, are not intelligently designed.  Design, in this case, means “planned for a purpose and functioning according to that purpose.”   

Purposeful Design Is Everywhere and Is Obvious

What is obvious to the average observer of our world?  We observe that design and purpose are everywhere in all of nature and the vast cosmos beyond our planet.  However, those who are atheistically minded swear that purposeful design is nothing but unintelligently directed happenings.  They maintain (astoundingly) that the design we see is created by what must, in the final analysis, be called unguided chance.  

Design Is for a Purpose

By contrast, consider that the designers of modern aircraft create plans to ensure that the aircraft will perform according to a definite purpose.  This is called design, not “apparent” design.  Accordingly, without the purposeful intelligent design of our universe, all of nature would cease to be alive.  Its design is essential to its continued life.   Trees would die. Seeds would not sprout with the elements needed to grow into their inbuilt various designs.  What we observe in nature is intelligent design — no matter how you look at it.  

Purposeful Design Does Not Eliminate Possible Malfunction

However, this does not mean that the design works without malfunctions under all circumstances and conditions.  It is not true of that aircraft. And it is not true of nature, either.  Paley, Boyd, and others (even Paul, centuries earlier) have argued that the evidence for intelligent purposeful design is everywhere and that only the biased are blind to it.  This belief has prevailed as the obvious conclusion for most people for centuries.  

Design Requires a Designer

Some dispute, of course, the idea that we can believe in an intelligent designer of this amazing universe.  However, the compelling evidence that has surfaced would make a designed universe an inescapable conclusion.  For this reason, if one can’t argue their way out of the embarrassing implications of this compelling evidence, scoffing and laughing their way out of it has become the mode of action.  

Now, it is clear, that those who cling to the hope that they could somehow explain away the obvious design in the heavens and the earth are playing defense.   The universe shouts the fact everywhere of its being an intelligently designed universe.  It is a fact that we must honestly confront if we are committed to straight thinking.  

Stephen C. Meyer, in Return of the God Hypothesis, gives us the details of the historical and scientific evidence for this conclusion. (Other authors have as well.  Their work goes beyond the scope of this short article.  Meyer’s book is a good read if you want to work your way through the details).  

Next: Some very obvious evidence that is applicable to us all.  


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