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Episode 5: I'm a Keeper - Living by Design Podcast - learn how to parent

We’ve discussed at length the SP, SJ, and NT children.  Now, we will address that most complicated temperament as seen in the NF child.  We’ve been discussing each temperament with the question of how to set boundaries.  We are all complicated.  We are each unique.  InnerKinetics (Temperament) is the heart and soul of who we are and it creates our uniqueness.

Parents face a situation that seems natural to them. They feel “my child needs to be like me.”  However, that is not true.  We must teach them to appreciate their own uniqueness and be who they are.  And much more often than not, the child is NOT like their parent.  And the differences must be considered when setting boundaries as well as all other areas of developing the NF child.

Let’s begin a discussion today on how to set boundaries for the NF child skillfully.  Understanding the child’s temperament (and our own), as I have said before, will make parenting much easier and more successful.

Like the NT, the NF child also lives “in their head.”  What should strike you, however, is that in many ways, they are opposites.  Let’s begin by asking, “Opposite in what way?”  Knowing the answer to that makes a huge difference.

Because there is so much to discuss regarding the NF child, we’ll begin our discussion today and continue it in the next podcast.

There is a great deal to unpack here, so let’s dig in and get to it.


I'm a Keeper Podcast

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