Moods and Emotions – What’s the Connection?

Moods and Emotions

Again, we are on tenuous ground. For our purpose, a mood is a positive or negative feeling that we nurture and find difficulty releasing from our mind. Our thoughts determine the nature of our moods and, in turn, our moods influence our thoughts. This is why it is essential to keep a positive frame of mind and make life a positive reality. Of course, a mood can be a feeling of happiness — a good feeling, not just a negative one.  So are moods and emotions (feelings) the same?  What is the connection?

Are We Responsible for Our Moods and Emotions?

To a large degree, we are responsible for our moods, both positive and negative. We may blame circumstances or other people for feeling the way we do, but we are the ones giving the mood territory in our minds and that is where our responsibility comes into play. When a neative mood crosses the line into depression, we may find it very hard to eradicate. Any mood of long standing is going to put up quite a fight.

How Can We Change (Control) Our Moods?

If we are aware of having a negative mood and want to get rid of it, we should ask ourselves, “What are the negative thoughts I am nurturing?” Changing our thoughts is the path to changing our mood, as difficult as that may be. Some temperaments will find it easier than others. Most of us can identify our thoughts.  What we don’t realize is that when we identify our thoughts, we are also often making an identification of what is stimulating our emotions. Therefore, think of what you are feeling as well as what you are thinking and the task of identification will be easier.

The Connection Between Moods and Emotions

All this underlines the fact that emotions permeate our actions and thoughts, both positive and negative.  And if they are approved by us and nurtured, they create what we call a mood. Moods can last for minutes, days or years. They are clearly observed in children as they wrestle with their emotional pressures. Particularly in children, moods need to be addressed before they become entrenched habits.


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